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Taekwondo classes in Godstone, Wallington and Coulsdon.
Welcome to CYTA, we are a not for profit Taekwondo Academy based in South London, Surrey. If you would like to start training to learn a full self defence martial art, to compete or just for fitness and fun, CYTA’s instructors can help you towards your goal. All our students are members of British Taekwondo, World Taekwondo and have access to the best training, events and opportunities Taekwondo has to offer.

Self Defence – Discipline – Conditioning – Skill
Sparring – Patterns – Squads – Talent pathways
Flexibility – Strength – Fitness – Coordination
Self confidence – Self control – Social – Support
We run Taekwondo classes for kids, teens and adults. For information on our classes click here or use the menus above to explore our website.

What our student & instructors think:

I thoroughly enjoy the weekly sessions, and that's mainly due to the friendly environment created by both the teachers and fellow members. All in all, a great club to learn Taekwondo!
Cassius Rodrigues
Chung Yong is a friendly and welcoming club. The teachers are passionate about Taekwondo and it comes across in their teaching. I've been training with Chung Yong for the past 3 years now & prior to this, I'd tried other forms of self-defense, but never felt some of these other clubs had the student's best interests at heart, instead feeling more like a business. This club does not feel like that at all. There's plenty of encouragement & support from all members, of all ages.
Cassius Rodrigues
Having been at the club for over 8 years, I can safely say that the martial art has given me confidence, self control and a sense of respect. All of these aspects I had been lacking but thanks to Chung Yong I have been able to develop and become part of an amazing club where I feel welcome and feel accepted.
I have been a student of Chung Yong Taekwondo for almost 6 fantastic years and it has now become an integral part of my life. This is primarily due to the warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere the club has maintained for as long as I have known it.  Chung Yong have not only taught me skills in self defence but given me confidence, discipline, respect and helped me to develop friendships inside and out of the club.
Winston John
My son started with Chung Yong in 2012 age 5 and immediately was welcomed by older students and made to feel comfortable. Over the years I have become very involved with the background running of the club and I do this as I feel very passionate about the work Master Gibbs and the club do for their members. Would highly recommend
Mandy wilson
I began Taekwondo at CYTA 12 years ago and am proud to be a student and instructor at this fantastic club. Taekwondo really is a journey and I have had the privilege of seeing many students progress under the wonderful leadership of Master Dean Gibbs. Whether your goal be to compete at the highest level in the sport, improve your fitness or just learn a new skill, CYTA instructors and members will provide the right environment for you to do so.
Chung Yong is a hard working club with great instructors who no matter what level you are at will always make time to teach and develop your skills to a very high standard. And the rewards for being part of Chung Yong is fun, fitness and health.
Winston John
I've been training with Chung Yong for around 16 years now and can say it keeps me fit, confident, disciplined and happy, and I couldn't wish to train with a nicer group of people! Come and give it a go! Once you start, you'll just keep kicking!
Colin Mitchell
If you're looking for a martial art to get fit whilst learning some self defence and make friends at the same time, Chung Yong is the club to come to! The club is energetic, warm, friendly, has high standards and will push you to be the best you can be. With the detailed and well explained tuition provided by Master Gibbs, you'll find you reach new levels of fitness, movement and flexibility all whilst having fun!
Colin Mitchell
I have been training with the club for nearly 5 years now and I’m so glad I made the decision to start Taekwondo. It’s been a life changing sport that has taught me many things such as discipline and many other skills which I can use in day to day life. I couldn’t ask to train with a better group of people it’s a good laugh with people who give 110% every lesson and push me to be a better competitor everyday.
Zac Kellaway
Having been part of this club since 1989, it may come as no surprise that I think this is simply the best club around with a great team working behind the scenes and fantastic, friendly and hard working students!
Dean Gibbs

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