New Student Information

This form is to be completed with a member of the CYTA team or only once you have been requested to do so. The information provided will be kept by our team while you are a member of the club. Should you wish to update any of this information, please speak with your instructor who will tell you who to contact or email

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Student Information & Agreements

This form is to be completed by a parent or gradian if a student is under 18 years old.
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Please indicate if you (the student) have any medical conditions or ongoing injuries your instructors should be made aware of. If yes, please detail these below or hand the information to your instructor directly.


As a member of CYTA I will try my best to:

Train hard with dedication, discipline and respect.

Show team spirit and always work together with my fellow students.

Strive to constantly improve and progress, no matter what level I am at.

Welcome all others who are willing to train with the same values.

(In addition to the above, please inform your instructor in advance if you cannot attend a class as they will have likely allowed for your attendance in the lesson plan.)


British Taekwondo, our national governing body, requires all students to hold British Taekwondo Membership and insurance. Once you have completed your taster sessions you cannot continue your training without this membership and insurance in place. Your instructor with have given you details how to complete this membership via the “British Taekwondo HUB”.

This membership must be renewed annually. The cost of this insurance is currently set by British Taekwondo at £25 per year and is paid separate to your club membership fees.


As with all physical and contact activities like Taekwondo you will likely pick up the odd bump, muscle pull or bruise. We do our best to avoid these with appropriate pads and lesson structure but we cannot pretend that they do not happen.

From time to time more noteworthy injuries may occur. If this is the case, both the student and instructor have a responsibility to record the details of the injury via our accident reporting system and pass this information to British Taekwondo. This forms part of our safeguarding system and is required for your training insurance to remain valid.

Should an injury that you thought was minor at the time it happened turn out to be more serious, you must report this to your instructor as soon as possible and complete an accident report.

If you are training with an injury or have a long term condition, our instructors will do their best to adapt activities for you to take part, but it remains your responsibility to highlight if there is an activity you are unable to take part in.

We do encourage injured students to still attend class as they may be able to help or just learn by watching. This will also help keep you in the habit of attending regularly.

If you are picking up an unusual number of injuries or if you have been absent from training for an extended period due to injury, instructors may ask for a letter from your doctor confirming you are fit to return to training.


Chung Yong Taekwondo Academy (CYTA) is a not for profit group and your monthly fee is your contribution to the running and advancement of our club.

We have a minimum compulsory contribution per student, per month which is:

£30 per month (under18 years old) / £40 per month (18 years old and over).

You are welcome to contribute more to the club or make occasional larger donations should you wish to. These are always gratefully received and are used to benefit the students of the club.

Your monthly fee is your contribution and membership to CYTA and has no link to the number of lessons you train in or the amount of lessons on offer as this may vary from month to month.

To help us keep our fees low, please make this payment every month you remain a member of CYTA regardless of breaks or holidays.

Membership fees may be amended to respond to changes in venue rent or other club expenses. We do try our best to avoid any changes and will give you plenty of notice if a change is needed.


In general we discourage spectators at class unless you are part of our club management and safeguarding team or an existing student who cannot take part for any reason.

However, if you are permitted to watch a class please do so in silence with phones turned off.

Spectators are not permitted to video or take photos of a class. There may be exceptions to this such as when grading results are presented and you instructor will inform you of these opportunities.

Instructors and club officials may take photos and video for training and club use from time to time. These will be handled responsibly and discussed with you before they are displayed outside the club.

When we attend competitions and public events you should expect that, spectators will be free to take videos and photos. This is beyond our control.


Since 2020 we have all needed to adapt to new restrictions on group activities and as a British Taekwondo club, we follow the advice set out by our national governing body. This may require changes to the way we operate or the activities and class sizes we can offer. These restrictions will likely be different for each venue and you instructor will keep you informed of procedures and changes. You will be required to confirm you have read and understood venue specific risk assessments and procedures before being able to attend a class.


If you have questions on any of the above please ask one of our team. Once you have completed all sections, please submit by clicking the "Submit Student Data" below.